The Geek All-Stars: Episode 96-- So You Want to Produce an RPG Live Play Podcast with Undead Viking, Donald (Board with Life) and Rodrigo (Critical Hit)


Tonight once again we have a spectacular "So you want to..." type show. We delve into playing RPGs for a live podcast/youtube production. And for this we have 3 of the best guests the world has ever seen. We have Rodrigo Lopez the DM of the Main Campaign of the podcast Critical Hit (On the Major Spoilers network), Donald Shultz the amazing DM from the Board with Life D&D campaign, and Lance "Undead Viking" Myxter who DM's our Youtube Campaign "BoomQuest". IT's a great show that I know you will love! If you are wanting to create a RPG group to broadcast to the world this is a place to get all the tips from the pros! Thanks for Listening!