Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Innkeeper's Table

The Innkeeper's Table is series of bite-sized episodes intended to bridge the gap between experienced gamers and newcomers to the hobby. We focus on a single topic each episode, for 20 minutes or less, in order to make board games more approachable to new gamers and spark discussions that gamers of all experience levels can join in on.

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The Innkeeper's Table Episodes


It's a brand new year, and the innkeepers are looking forward to it! In this episode, Dylan and Bill talk about the top 3 new(ish) games each of them is looking forward to playing in 2023.


The innkeepers are back! After a much-needed hiatus, Bill and Dylan are back and excited to talk about Dune: Imperium.


The end of the year means so many wonderful things—friends, family, celebrations, and (hopefully) lots and lots of board games! Unfortunately, with so many things to do, we're going to have to take a (VERY brief!) hiatus. We'll be back on January 6th, though. In the meantime, Happy Holidays, and good gaming! We can't wait to welcome you back into the Inn on 1/6/2023, though!


The hosts discuss their top 3 drafting games.

What are your top 3 drafting games? Do you agree with the hosts definition of what constitutes a drafting game? What Top 3 would you like us to do in the future? Let us know at innkeeperstablepodcast@gmail.com.


A dark chill has fallen across the land, and people are afraid to go out of their homes at night. It's not safe, for Dracula is prowling the streets and seeking to spread his dark influence!

In this episode, the hosts are discussing the hidden movement classic, Fury of Dracula!

Have you played Fury of Dracula? Which edition did you play? Do you have a favorite hidden movement game? What game would you like the hosts to spotlight in the future? Let us know at innkeeperstablepodcast@gmail.com.


The hosts discuss the 1987 Spiel des Jahres winner, Auf Achse.

Have you ever played Auf Achse? Do you know how to get hold of an English copy? What do you think of it? Let us know, and send in your suggestions for topics the innkeepers should discuss to innkeeperstablepodcast@gmail.com.


The innkeepers respond to a listener question: "What board game has fired another board game for you?"

Have you had a game "fire" another one? Which ones? And do you have a question you'd like the innkeepers to discuss? Share it with us at innkeeperstablepodcast@gmail.com!


Sometimes dice get a bad rap, because they can add a lot of randomness to a game. But sometimes, a little randomness is just what a game needs. These are Dylan and Bill's favorite dice games.

What are some of your favorite dice games? Are there any big ones that we missed? What Top 3 list would you like us to do in the future? Let us know at innkeeperstablepodcast@gmail.com


Who loves engine builders? Who loves building engines? Who loves engine builders about building engines!?

Dylan and Bill discuss the power of science! Or at least the power of acrylic marbles. Whatever. This episode's about Gizmos.

Have you played Gizmos? What did you think? What game should we spotlight in a future episode? Let us know at innkeeperstablepodcast@gmail.com


The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real, and it rears its head in the gaming community often. New games are constantly being released, and many of them have shiny, deluxe components. So how do gamers handle the desire to get hold of everything? How can you be responsible with your game-buying habits? The innkeepers discuss.

Did this episode ring true to you? Do you have a FOMO story you can share with us? Is there a board gaming topic you'd like the hosts to discuss? Email us at innkeeperstablepodcast@gmail.com and let us know!