Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Innkeeper's Table

The Innkeeper's Table is series of bite-sized episodes intended to bridge the gap between experienced gamers and newcomers to the hobby. We focus on a single topic each episode, for 20 minutes or less, in order to make board games more approachable to new gamers and spark discussions that gamers of all experience levels can join in on.

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The Innkeeper's Table Episodes


Some games have a reputation of "ending friendships." So are there games that you should avoid playing with people you care about at all costs?

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Yum! Bill and Dylan discuss their favorite games that are about food.

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Co-op. Logic deduction. Shrubbery and flowers.

Dylan and Bill discuss the new Alice in Wonderland-themed game, Paint the Roses.

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Dylan and Bill discuss the 1984 Spiel des Jahres winner: Railway Rivals.

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Bill talks about where his plan to open a board game cafe stands, then both hosts talk about features they would have in their ideal board game cafes.


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The Innkeepers talk about their top games for 5 or more players.

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This is arguably the game that led Bill and Dylan into their long journey on the path of board games. Bang! is a long-time favorite, and its follow-up, Bang!: The Dice Game took many of the best parts of the original game and streamlined them. So what do the hosts have to say about these games over a decade after they originally found it?
It's a chase through London! One player flees while the rest of the group tries to find and catch the fugitive! In this episode, the hosts talk about the 1983 Spiel des Jahres winner, Scotland Yard!


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It's all fun and games until someone starts taking the competition a little too seriously. Bill and Dylan talk about how to handle things when someone (whether a child or a grown-up) starts getting a bit too competitive.


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