Dice Tower Network Podcast: The Innkeeper's Table

The Innkeeper's Table is series of bite-sized episodes intended to bridge the gap between experienced gamers and newcomers to the hobby. We focus on a single topic each episode, for 20 minutes or less, in order to make board games more approachable to new gamers and spark discussions that gamers of all experience levels can join in on.

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The Innkeeper's Table Episodes


Scott Gaeta, founder of Renegade Game Studio, discusses his journey to become one of the most well-known publishing companies in the industry. We talk about business advice, marketing, game development, and more!

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To kick off the spooky season, Bill and Dylan talk about one of the scariest things to a gamer: The Shelf of Shame!


Frank West, designer of Isle of Cats, discusses the ins and outs of designing a polyomino game (games with those funny Tetris tiles). Isle of Cats is one of the best polyomino games on the market, and we get into what makes these games fun, prototyping, and more.

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Sam Stockton, founder of B.A. Games, discusses everything you need to be planning for and thinking about when demoing your game at conventions (both in-person and online).Sam has been working conventions for years, and we get into booth setup, hiring volunteers, explaining your game, and more.

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Dustin Hendrickson, designer of Don’t Let It Die, discusses all the ins and outs of creating your game with Tabletop Simulator.Dustin has been working with TTS for years, and we cover basically everything you need to know to get your game on the platform and why it’s a good idea to do so.

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Stephanie Kwok, designer of Ducks in Tow, discusses the process of simplifying a game down to its best possible version.Stephanie is both a designer and a publisher, so she offers both perspectives as we talk through ways to trim, cut, slice, and dice a game so that its most fun parts shine through.

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