The Long View: The Long View: Biblios

In this episode of The Long View, I'm thrilled to be joined by none other than Steve Oksienik as we discuss the games of Steve Finn, including Biblios, The Institute for Magical Arts, Let Them Eat Shrimp!, Capo Dei Capi and more! What makes Dr. Finn's games so compelling? What, if anything, are the similarities between his designs and those of Reiner Knizia? What does he have up his sleeve next? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this episode. As a bonus, I review two new titles from Asmodee, Deus and Abyss. What do these designs offer that's new? Do the themes come through? What are the best player counts for these games? Listen and find out! The Deus review can be found at the 1:43:00 mark of the episode, and the Abyss review can be found at the 2:02:30 mark of the episode. Thanks to my sponsor,, thanks to The Dice Tower Network, and thanks to YOU for listening!