The Long View: The Long View: Difficult Themes and The Battle of the Five Armies

In this special episode of The Long View, I'm very happy to be joined once again by Joel Eddy, as we discuss how designers present difficult themes in board games. Which games deal with sensitive subjects well? Which miss the mark? Which, maybe, should not have been attempted? Are there any noticeable trends? All this and more is discussed in this episode of The Long View. As a bonus, I give a review of the new thematic game, The Battle of Five Armies. How is this different from War of the Ring (second edition)? What does it share in common? Is there room for both in your collection? Listen and find out! The review can be found at the 1:33:30 mark of the episode. Thanks, of course, to my sponsor for their continued support of the show, thanks to The Dice Tower and the DTN! Go and check out all of the other great podcasts in the Network! There's something for everyone! Thanks, of course, to YOU for listening!