The Long View: The Long View - Quick Looks #15

In this episode of Quick Looks from The Long View, Elhannan Lloyd Keller and I discuss two, new intriguing titles. First up, is the new reprint of Stronghold, the new version from Stronghold Games, Stronghold (2nd edition). Is it really an improvement over the original? Is it the ultimate castle defense game? Are the components as good as you've heard? Tune in to find out! Finally, we review the new game 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis from Jolly Roger Games. Is it really Twilight Struggle in 30 minutes or less, or a shallow imitation of this classic? Is it possible to make a game about this short of a time period re-playable and enjoyable? Listen to hear our thoughts. Thanks, as always, to The Dice Tower Network, for their support of the show, and special thanks to my sponsor for their support as well. Thanks to YOU for listening!