The Long View: The Long View - Quick Looks #19

In this episode of Quick Looks from The Long View, Elhannan Lloyd Keller, Carter and I review three new titles. First up is 51st State: Master Set from Ignacy Trzewiczek. Is this an improvement over the original, or just a re-hash? How does it compare to Imperial Settlers, if at all. Listen to hear what we think of this new release. Next up is Fish Frenzy and Pi mal Pflaumen from Crash of Games. Are these games good for the family? Are they accessible and fun to play? Listen to hear our opinions of these new titles. The Long View is generously sponsored by, your first and best choice for online purchases. Thanks to them for their support! The Long View is also a proud member of The Dice Tower Network of podcasts. Go and see all that they have to offer at