The Long View: The Long View - Quick Looks #21

In this episode of Quick Looks from The Long View, Elhannan Lloyd Keller and I investigate two new titles. First up is Kraftwagen V6 edition from Stronghold Games. Does this game deserve shelf space along other games of similar theme like Automobile, or is it just more of the same? Listen to hear out impressions and thoughts of this new edition. Finally, we end by discussing the newest title from designers Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, Morocco. Is this game a worthy successor to the awesomeness of Fleet, or does it fall flat? Listen to hear our opinions about this new title from Eagle-Gryphon Games. Thanks, as always, to my sponsor, your first and best choice for online purchases and hard to find import games. #gamesurplusimports4u! If you enjoy the show, please consider joining The Long View Guild to her the latest news and announcement from the show. Thanks, as always, to YOU for listening!