The Long View: The Long View - Quick Looks #23

In this episode of Quick Looks from The Long View, I'm pleased to be joined by my co-host Elhannan Lloyd Keller as we explore two new titles. First up is The Pursuit of Happiness from Stronghold Games. Is this just a CV retread? A The Game of Life wannabe, or is it just possible it's something special that actually makes you feel like you've lived a full and amazing life? Tune in to hear our thoughts. Next, we discuss the new title Flag Dash from designer Kirk Dennison. Is this a whimsical family game, or an overwrought programmed movement game, far too meaty for its fun theme. Listen and find out. Thanks, as always, to our sponsor, for their continued support of the show. Go and find out whey they are my first choice when it comes to online purchases and hard to find imports. Thanks, as well, to The Dice Tower. We are a proud member of the Network! Go and check out all the great content for you at Thanks, of course, to YOU for listening! The episode can be found here in the BGG database, or through iTunes and Stitcher by subscription.