The Long View: The Long View: War of the Ring

In this episode of The Long View, I'm very happy to be joined by friends of the show Elhannan Lloyd Keller, Stephen Buonocore, and Chad Mekash as we sit down and discuss the epic game of The War of the Ring (second edition). What makes this such a thematic and compelling game? What aspects of the design are noteworthy? What, if anything, can pry the Collector's Edition of this game from Buonocore's Kung Fu death grip? Listen to this episode, and find out! As a bonus, I also review the upcoming title from Carl Chudyk, Impulse. Can you really have a 4x style game with nothing but some cards and plastic ships? Can you have a satisfying 4x game in 30 - 40 minutes or less? Is this the next great game from the mind that brought us Innovation and Glory to Rome? Listen and find out! Thanks, as always, to my sponsor and to The Dice Tower and thanks, as always, to YOU for listening!