Ludology: Biography of a Board Game 227.5 - Twister


Scott takes us through the twisted history of the classic game Twister. How did it overcome its risqué premise to become a perennial favorite?

Bibliography of a Board Game:

7m46: One interesting note is that Shuffle Twister's gameplay is similar to Bez Shahriari's independently-released In a Bind, but Shahriari released her game in 2015, one year earlier. In a Bind went on to be re-implemented by French publisher Gigamic as Yogi.

9m19s: To clarify, Monkey Auto Races wasn't #1 on the BGG Hot Games; as an April Fool's joke in 2007, a bunch of BGG users gave the game a high rating, and it was actually the #1 game on BGG for one day. 

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