Ludology: Ludology 229 - Hit the Deck!


Emma, Gil, and Scott go back to a topic that Ryan and Geoff discussed earlier in the show's history: Deckbuilding! With all that's changed (including Emma having designed a deckbuilder), what has changed, and what have we learned?

0m41s: The episode that Ryan and Geoff did was Ludology 119 - Deck the Halls.
0m46s: Dominion (which did come out in 2008)
2m39s: StarCraft: The Board Game, which is generally believed to be the first game with an in-game deckbuilding component (if we assume that Magic: The Gathering's deckbuilding component is technically not "in-game," but is part of the metagame).
5m12s: Trains, and A Few Acres of Snow
6m26s: Smash Up
14m45s: Concordia, Aquatica
17m13s: Ascension, Thunderstone, Nightfall
22m26s: Eschaton, Copycat
30m08s: Aeon's End, Thunderstone Quest, Big Book of Madness, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
31m39s: Puzzle Strike
32m36s: The Quacks of Quedlinburg
33m19s: I think we have the name to Scott's next game... :)
34m03s: Black Friday
34m47s: Quarriors (and its themed re-implementation, Dice Masters)
36m58s: Rattlebones 
37m40s: Dice Forge (which Gil mistakenly called Dice Vault)
38m25s: According to designer Stephen Glenn, Rattlebones had been in the works since 2009
40m05s: Blank White Dice (which Emma called Blank Dice)
41m07s: Abandon All Artichokes, Xenon Profiteer, Fine Sand
44m18s: Mystic Vale, Edge of Darkness
46m21s: The game Scott was thinking of is Dead Reckoning
46m36s: Slay the Spire
48m09s: Gil is using the definition of "atom" from the book Characteristics of Games: "The smallest complete unit of play, in the sense that the players feel they've 'really played' some of the game."
49m51s: The bits in question
50m05s: VENOM Assault
51m27s: Monster Train
54m17s: Self-promotion time!

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