Ludology: Ludology 252 - Crazy Rich Storytelling


Gil and Sen welcome Calvin Wong Tze Loon 黃子倫 to the show to discuss narrative in games. How can we improve a game's narrative through its mechanisms, its components, and even its box size?


0m46s: Calvin played P.T. Goh in the film Crazy Rich Asians. Also, info on Twilight Imperium's expansion Prophecy of Kings that Calvin did some writing for, and forthcoming RPG Embers of the Imperium.

3m16s: "Mayfair" in UK-based editions of Monopoly is equivalent to "Boardwalk" in US-based editions of the game. 

7m39s: Android: Netrunner

10m18s: The fan organization NISEI, currently supporting organized Netrunner play, releasing new cards, and keeping the game alive.

11m28s: Here's what Gil wrote about flavor text on Twitter.

14m44s: Pasaraya Supermarket Manager. Gil also regrets not bringing up diegesis in games (making the components, graphic design, and form of a game match its narrative) like in Inhuman Conditions.

19m22s: The Tiny Epic series of games.

23m31s: Gil accidentally gave out the name of the game series with this puzzle, so we bleeped it out!

26m04s: Crisis

28m13s: Ryan and Geoff discussed the magic circle in Ludology 79.

28m22s: The story game Fiasco, and the strategy game Barrage.

32m47s: Memoir '44

35m26s: Millennium Blades, Falsche FuFFziger, Descent: Legends of the Dark

41m17s: Here's the essay Crimes Against Mimesis. Also, here's Gil's talk on merging theme and mechanism.

49m45s: The Rick Riordan Presents line of books. The book Gil mentioned is Sal and Gabi Break the Universe, by Carlos Hernandez. 

53m40s: More info about the Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary board game.

55m32s: An Infamous Traffic

1h00m51s: Hollandspiele, This Guilty Land

1h02m07s: Hub Games

1h04m12s: The Typing of the Dead, Unspeakable Words

1h07m51s: Half-Life Alyx

1h09m51s: The wonderful Crystal Dax!

1h11m31s: Calvin's Twitter.

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