Ludology: Ludology 261 - Tinner's Tips and Tricks


Gil and Scott are delighted to welcome Martin Wallace back to the show. Martin was first on the show on Ludology 46 - Getting Down to Brass Tacks back in 2012 with Geoff Engelstein and a very enthusiastic Ryan Sturm. In this episode, we catch up with Martin to see what he's been up to in the last 9 years.

Martin is the designer of many well-loved strategy games, like Brass, Age of Steam (and all its related games, like Railways of the World), London, A Study in Emerald, AuZtralia, and A Study in Emerald.

Technical note: Martin's recording has some dropouts in it; unfortunately, those seemed to come straight from his microphone, so there wasn't much we could do about them. We hope you enjoy the episode anyway!


1m25s: Lords of Creation

4m31s: Gloomhaven, the North Sea Trilogy from Garphill Games, Jamey Stegmaier.

8m06s: The Exit games, and the Unlock! games

11m53s: Games Workshop, Ian Livingstone, the British Steve Jackson, the American Steve Jackson, and the Fighting Fantasy books.

16m18s: Anno 1800

20m08s: Catan, Dune Imperium

23m55s: Age of Industry

25m18s: "Canal holidays"

27m28s: The World Transplant Games

32m46s: A Study in Emerald

34m18s: Gil regrets not pushing back on this point a bit harder; he doesn’t think turning indigenous people into monsters is as effective a technique as Martin does. For a good perspective, check out Dan Thurot’s post about this on his excellent blog Space-Biff.

35m53s: Terry Pratchett and Discworld

38m41s: Martin is referring to the events of May 68 in France. 

43m53s: Imperium Legends, De Vulgari Eloquentia

45m28s: Ankh: Gods of Egypt, Medina, and “zugzwang” 

48m40s: Our favorite Star Wars clones: Starcrash, Battle Beyond the Stars, and a special shout-out to Fugitive Alien.

49m10s: Carcassonne

53m03s: Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Doctor Who: The Card Game

55m13s: Disclaimer: Many of us on Ludology are pretty down on the HP series these days, due to the bigoted views of its author. 

56m59s: The video game Stellaris, the fantasy series His Dark Materials, and the fantasy collection The Silmarillion.

1h00m05s: Rocketmen

1h00m57s: The humble pasty

1h03m32s: Hobo code

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