Ludology: Ludology 264 - NIBCARD-ed


Gil and Sen welcome game designer, manufacturer, publisher, game cafe owner, and convention runner Kenechukwu Ogbuagu ("KC") of NIBCARD Games to the show. From his home city of Abuja, KC has built up the board gaming scene in Nigeria almost singlehandedly, recently winning the prestigious Diana Jones award for his efforts. 


12m46s: Hobby World, Spyfall, Viceroy, Cosmodrome

14m58s: KC mentions the classic board game Ludo, which was based on the Indian game Pachisi. The American games Parcheesi, Sorry, Aggravation, Headache, and Trouble were based on Ludo or Pachisi; British people may know it as Uckers, while Canadians may know it as Tock.

22m07s: NGOs are Non-Governmental Organizations. In the US, most of them tend to be non-profits. 

25m58s: See the Smart People Play Chess TV trope 

34m08s: Bastard Café in Denmark, one of NIBCARD Cafe’s supporters 

44m20s: Designer Eric Lang will be at AB Con, the convention that KC organizes in Nigeria.

45m36s: InstantSync

46m08s: Legendary designer Reiner Knizia

46m52s: Village War

54m12s: Kuli kuli, Okpa, Akara