Ludology: Ludology 265 - Hold Onto Your Hats!


Erica, Gil, Scott, and Sen wrap up 2021 with a roundtable discussion on the hats we wear as game industry professionals. What are all the skills we bring to bear to make games, and how do we feel about them?

This is the final Ludology episode of 2021. We're taking our annual winter break. We will be back on January 23, 2022 with the next episode of Ludology. In the meantime, there will be no Ludology, GameTek, or Biography of a Board Game episodes. 

From all of us at Ludology, have the happiest of holidays, and here's to a productive 2022!


5m12s - Alien: Fate of the Nostromo

12m27s - “Spin” is Spin Master, where Erica works as an on-staff game designer.

25m54s - Route 66

28m14s - Gil should have said “at the start of the pandemic,” as we’re still in the pandemic! If you'd like to join his remote playtesting group (which he will hopefully be attending again soon), click here.

33m51s - Unity, a platform mainly used to develop video games.

38m57s - The Affinity suite.

51m38s - Here's more info about Amber Seger, Weird Stories' awesome graphic designer.

54m40s - Scott’s flat cap, Gil’s HUGE hat

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