Ludology: Ludology 277 - Combustible Felines


Sen and Gil chat with game designer Carol Mertz, senior game designer at Exploding Kittens. Carol has worked on many Exploding Kittens games, like Hand To Hand Wombat, Exploding Kittens: Recipe for Disaster, and Exploding Kittens: 2-Player Version. She's also known for her own designs, especially the wildly creative HELLCOUCH, the only couch co-op that uses an actual couch.


2m28s: We chatted with Sydney Engelstein of Indie Game Studios recently, on Ludology 274 - Indie 500

17m28s: But Wait There's More, Bad Medicine

25m40s: We spoke with Mike Elliot in Ludology 256 - You're Big in Japan, and with Justin Gary in Ludology 207 - Card Advantage.

39m26s: Inhuman Conditions

45m08s: Pass the Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management

48m25s: The Pixel Pop festival.

57m02s: Hellcouch, and the customizable hardware board Arduino.

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