Ludology: Ludology 278 - Everyone's a Critic


Sen and Gil have a talk with game reviewer and critic Daniel Thurot of the marvelous game review site Space-Biff! about his distinctive style of writing, the difference between review and criticism, and theming in games.


4m48s: The Settlers of Zarahemla
5m26s: Roger Ebert was a movie critic; Gil remains a big fan of his writing. Also: Tom Chick (whom Dan interviewed on his own podcast), Tom Francis
14m55s: Fort
29m35s: The recent film Men
31m56s: Sen and Jay's game MIND MGMT
34m37s: Sen may be referring to The Long View Podcas
35m40s: Mike Barnes, There Will Be Games
44m06s: Frontierland is indeed a part of Disneyland (California), as well as the Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld (Florida)
49m12s: Dan's review of Heading Forward. We had publisher Amabel Holland on Ludology 262 - This Guilty Podcast.
50m27s: Pope Alexander VI, Antipopes
52m37s: Charlie Theel, Matt Thrower, Thinker Themer
53m04s: That's about 1.2x1.2x0.9 meters.