Ludology: Ludology 279 - Two Princes


Erica and Gil discuss Erica's time so far working at Spinmaster, making mass-market games for kids and families. How is it different from making games for the hobby market?


0m43s: We recently chatted with Sydney Engelstein of Indie Boards & Cards in Ludology 274 - Indie 500, and with Carol Mertz of Exploding Kittens in Ludology 277 - Combustible Felines.

7m28s: The Rubiks brand of puzzles, toys, and games, centered around the world-famous Rubik's Cube. And the legendary brand of Gund plush toys.

19m04s: Kinetic Sand

33m39s: The marvelous game designer Maureen Hiron.

42m00s: Splendor, 7 Wonders, Sushi Go

56m10s: Busen Memo