Ludology: Ludology 283 - Tools of the Trade


Erica, Gil, and Sen discuss some of the tools and processes they use at the various phases of designing a game from their varying perspectives of an in-house designer, a publisher, and freelance designer/developer. 


00:08:31 DDS is an acronym for Detailed Design Specification

00:11:38 LucidChart browser-based flowcharting and more

00:18:43 Canva free online graphic design tool

00:19:13 Tabletop Simulator is a virtual tabletop (VTT) run on Steam 

00:19:14 Tabletopia is a browser-based VTT

00:21:26 Also known as an MVP - a “Minimum Viable Prototype”

00:21:45 Filemaker Pro is a relational database 

00:21:57 Nandeck is cardmaking software 

00:22:05 Component Studio is a full game design suite that is hooked up to the Game Crafter

00:26:06 Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard for the industry in terms of graphic design 

00:27:54 Photopea is an online Photoshop equivalent for raster images

00:28:29 GIMP is an open source Photoshop equivalent

00:29:15 Inkscape is a free equivalent of Illustrator for vector images

00:29:57 The Affinity Suite is a one-time payment suite of graphic design and illustrative tools

00:36:46 Fiskars Rotary Cutter is Sen’s weapon of choice 

00:37:13 Arc punches, square punches and corner punches, oh my! This is an example of a 1” arch punch:

00:41:36 Midjourney and Dall-e are prompt-based AI Art generators /

00:44:58 Some great sources for icons etc.

00:45:32 Face generating software ThisPersonDoesNotExist

00:48:46 Functional Fixedness is the psychological phenomena when a person cannot see any other use for an item because their initial understanding of how it’s used is the only way they think it can be used

00:49:10 Sunk Cost Fallacy occurs when a person will not make a change, even one that is likely to be highly beneficial, due to the perceived amount of time, money, effort, etc.they have already invested in the current strategy

00:55:58 You can record your screen right from Windows and MacOS

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