Men on Board: Board Game Kiki Episode 8: PAX Unplugged 2019

We weren’t looking at the calendar very closely when we decided to do a Kiki for our last episode because we didn’t realize that we’d be doing back to back Kikis so we could talk about PAX Unplugged! But we had a lot of fun in Philadelphia this year so we wanted to talk about what we saw and the games that we played. We’ll be getting back to our regular format for the next episode. [00:00:00] - Introduction [00:01:04] - PAX Unplugged 2019 [00:08:26] - Oath [00:11:41] - The Shivers [00:15:03] - Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game [00:16:34] - Arkham Horror: Final Hour [00:21:14] - Paranormal Detectives [00:25:46] - The Magnificent [00:30:55] - Fantastic Factories [00:34:04] - Corinth [00:37:09] - Deep Blue [00:41:23] - Ecos: First Continent [00:45:26] - Blood on the Clocktower [00:57:23] - The Helios Conspiracy (Megagame) Men on Board is part of the Dice Tower Network of podcasts. Find other great podcasts at