Men on Board: Episode 50: Anniversary Extravaganza

Today not only marks our 50th episode, but it is also our 2 year anniversary of launching this podcast! To celebrate, we each picked a game from our first 49 episodes to revisit and discuss how our opinions on it have evolved over additional plays. Thank you to everyone that has supported us over the last 2 years, and we are looking forward to another 50 episodes with you! [00:00:00] - Introduction [00:01:09] - Second Anniversary Extravaganza [00:04:31] - Mat’s Choice: Cerebria: The Inside World [00:12:09] - (Other) Matt’s Choice: Ticket to Ride [00:22:29] - Jameson’s Choice: Cryptid [00:34:29] - Aaron’s Choice: Mansions of Madness Second Edition [00:42:41] - Josh’s Choice: Root [00:53:27] - Looking Toward the Future Men on Board is part of the Dice Tower Network of podcasts. Find other great podcasts at

Men on Board is a bi-weekly, hour long podcast where a group of friends focuses their discussion on a single topic, either by picking two games in a given category and discussing and comparing them or in a less structured Kiki format for more general conversations.

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