Men on Board: Episode 7: Family Games

Happy Holidays everyone! As we get ready to head home and spend some time with our families, we decided to talk about the family weight games Forbidden Island and Ticket to Ride. In our Broader View, we talk a bit more about playing games with our families over the holidays. [00:00:00] - Introduction [00:00:50] - Family Games [00:02:22] - Forbidden Island [00:16:05] - Ticket to Ride [00:32:06] - Comparison [00:35:20] - Other Family Games [00:39:15] - Broader View

Men on Board is a bi-weekly, hour long podcast where a group of friends focuses their discussion on a single topic, either by picking two games in a given category and discussing and comparing them or in a less structured Kiki format for more general conversations.

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