Men on Board: Pandemic Check-In

We’re (temporarily) back! This is a bit of special episode and breaks from any of our normal format as we just wanted to catch everyone up on what we’ve been doing over the last year. So join us as we talk about our gaming adventures during the pandemic, including games that we’ve played over Zoom, Tabletop Simulator, and a little bit of gaming within social bubbles. We also talk about our experiences with the upcoming Roll Player Adventures from Thunderworks Games. Finally, we talk a little bit about the future of the podcast and when you can expect to hear from us regularly again. [00:00:00] - Disclaimer [00:00:58] - Introduction [00:07:22] - Social Deduction Games over Zoom [00:13:20] - RPGs over Zoom [00:27:00] - Other Games over Zoom [00:29:54] - Twilight Imperium 4th Edition on Tabletop Simulator [00:42:24] - Other Games on Tabletop Simulator [00:45:43] - Digital Implementation of Board Games [00:48:18] - Campaign Games in Social Bubbles [00:55:18] - Roll Player Adventures [01:05:24] - The Future of the Show Men on Board is part of the Dice Tower Network of podcasts. Find other great podcasts at

Men on Board is a bi-weekly, hour long podcast where a group of friends focuses their discussion on a single topic, either by picking two games in a given category and discussing and comparing them or in a less structured Kiki format for more general conversations.

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