Men on Board: Pandemic Check-In 2

We are once again temporarily back, although (hopefully) this time it is going to be less temporary! This time around, we are reflecting on the last two years and specifically focusing on remote gaming. We talk about we we liked about the experience as well as the things that didn’t particularly work for us. We also have a discussion about the King’s Dilemma as a test case for remote gaming, as Mat and Other Matt compare their experiences of playing it in person with Aaron who played it mostly remotely. Finally, we have another conversation about the future of the show. [00:00:00] - Introduction [00:00:35] - Catching Up [00:06:29] - Outlining the Episode [00:07:31] - Pros of Remote Gaming [00:22:59] - Cons of Remote Gaming [00:41:40] - King’s Dilemma: In Person vs. Remote [01:11:20] - The Future of the Show Men on Board is part of the Dice Tower Network of podcasts. Find other great podcasts at