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The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast is a podcast about party games, and games you take to parties. The Dice Tower Network's hottest party includes a group of diverse gamers, from hard core strategy nerds, to light strategy gamers. General geeks that think games can be fun, to senior citizens who play Agricola. Video gamers that will be wrangled into to playing games, to guys that only play poker and know nothing about board games. The cast changes episode to episode but usually the Moderator Bruce is joined by Mike, Erika, Rocki, Maureen and Chris however new guests show up all the time. If you want to know how a game will play in a party atmosphere, with a mix of tastes and styles, then this is the show for you.

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We'd like to start out by apologizing for the lateness of this episode. We're still here, still making content, and intend to keep it up.

In this slightly-less-board-gamey-than-usual episode we ate some crunchy snacks spelled with an unnecessary "Z" and hit up Steam to play a couple of party games that are similar to but not actually part of the Jackbox series of games. Also, we fell in love with the colonel.



In this episode Bruce hosts the "end month cavalcade" where we present the the Patreon content from October. Which includes more snacks from the Mex-US, a super special item, and a breakdown of Skull.

We are surprised we never covered Skull before, and we are glad to finally get something out about it.

Thanks for listening!


Happy Thanksgiving, America! Happy late November, everyone else! In this year's Thanksgiving episode, we eat together around a microphone-laden table and talk about a British board game. Ah, traditions.


We ate strange food from the Mexas. It amused our bouches, stuck our fingers together, disappointed us with our own lack of foresight (in letting the chicharrones go stale), ate candy that smelled like it had already been eaten, then ate half a wheel of sweet potato.



Welcome to the mid-month cavalcade where we bring you the Patreon content from September 2019. 

We talk about so MANY different chips, and we also get into the "game you might take to a party....with gaming friends" Point Salad.

Thanks so much to all our Patrons for making this possible!


In this month's installment of The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast: a Podcast About Party Games and Games You Take to Parties we examine overly long show titles. Or we should, but actually we ate some chips (surprise!), played a game your cousin the actuary would love, then played a game about titles that are not overly long.


So Rocki ordered a hand-truck-full (yes, that's a unit of measure now) of Japanese food online. We ate some of it. To wit: three small cans of small Pringles, two of which tasted exactly like a 30th anniversary.


On this mid-month episode, Bruce ushers you through the patreon bonus content from August. 

This is all made thanks to the generous support of our patrons at patreon.com. If you want help the show out, and get these episode more than a month early, you can at patreon.com/partygamecast

Our What the Food for the Month is a GIANT BOX of Turkish Delight, does it stand up to the high bar of the "Big Turk"? We may never know (unless you listen, then you will certainly know).


Wait, is that title right? Whatever, we'll fix it in post.

In this episode we ate some candy Bruce took from a stranger, drank each other under the table, and had an idea or four.



Bruce got some Canadian toffee that was very tasty but not very radio-friendly. We were also disappointed by a huge multilingual Kit Kat.



We review this game that appears on Boardgamegeek's Top 100 Party Game list to judge for ourselves whether we think it belongs there. Also, chain mail underwear.


On this 1/2 Episode Bruce hosts the Patreon content from July which includes a What the Food the probes the depth of Uranus and a Patreon party where the cast looks at We're Doomed from Breaking Games.

New content will be out in just a couple of weeks, so stay tuned (or whatever it is you do with a podcast).

If you are interested in our Extra Life Team, you can find it here: https://www.extra-life.org/team/47896

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In this episode we sampled the latest Lays potato chip flavors, reviewed a (non-party) game about some fairly obscure Spider Man villains, and tried to guess what our friends were thinking. We mostly failed to do the latter. We succeeded at eating chips though, so there's that.



We tried three new Lays potato chip flavors: bacon wrapped jalapeño popper, fried pickles with ranch, and deep dish pizza. Mmm, fried flavor engineering.




On this episode of The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast Bruce is in the studio presenting the last couple months of the Patreon Party. 

From this point forward, we will be releasing the What the Food, and Patreon Party episodes from about a month and a half prior. This time we are presenting a whole back catalog.

First you get the May Patreon Party, where we talk about bacon jam, and bacon jam accessories.


The June Patreon Party in which we talk about the game Blank from Hub Games. (we call it the July episode, don't believe us)