The Party Gamecast: TPGC - Episode #21 - Halloween Games (2 of 2) - Last Night at the Mall (Electronic Mall Madness vs Last Night on Earth)


On Episode #21 of the Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast, Bruce is joined by Rocki, Mike, Marty, Chris, Maureen and newcomer Andy to talk about Last Night at the Mall.

Last Night at the Mall is a fan generated scenario for Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog Productions that uses the game board from Electronic Mall Madness from Hasbro.

You can find the rules for this scenario here -

It was created by Roy Stephens (hockeyjedi on BGG) and Adrienne Stephens (Fierce_FishSJS on BGG) and they also created a special set of "Twerk of the Dead" rules for us, and just for use in the Hannah Montana mall.   You should soon be able to find the "Twerk of the Dead" rules on our website.

You can find Flip the Table here -

and you can find On Board Games here -

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