The Party Gamecast: TPGC - Episode #89 - Big Red Candy Inn, The Dragon Idea


Wait, is that title right? Whatever, we'll fix it in post.

In this episode we ate some candy Bruce took from a stranger, drank each other under the table, and had an idea or four.



Bruce got some Canadian toffee that was very tasty but not very radio-friendly. We were also disappointed by a huge multilingual Kit Kat.



We review this game that appears on Boardgamegeek's Top 100 Party Game list to judge for ourselves whether we think it belongs there. Also, chain mail underwear.


In this GameClash we came in here for that special offer: a guaranteed personality. We played the pitch game "The Big Idea," by James Ernest (of Cheapass Games fame). A simian power tool? Disease? Heaven itself? Or maybe you'd just like a fresh coat of paint. We certainly hope Mike survived this episode.


About Extra Life (coming up November 2nd 2019): We will be doing our annual 24 hour gaming marathon for the Children's Miracle Network charity at 3 Gear Games in the Historic Savage Mill in Savage Mill, Maryland ( Please feel free to stop by and hang out with us there, especially in the wee hours of the morning when we desperately need motivation (and caffeine). If you would like to make a (tax deductible) donation to a great charity, you can find us by searching for Partygamecast at or just use this link to our team: We would also welcome anyone who wants to join the team online and raise money with us!

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