The Party Gamecast: TPGC - Episode #90 - Chips, Math, and a Mathematician


In this month's installment of The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast: a Podcast About Party Games and Games You Take to Parties we examine overly long show titles. Or we should, but actually we ate some chips (surprise!), played a game your cousin the actuary would love, then played a game about titles that are not overly long.


So Rocki ordered a hand-truck-full (yes, that's a unit of measure now) of Japanese food online. We ate some of it. To wit: three small cans of small Pringles, two of which tasted exactly like a 30th anniversary.


We also played this game, which is (and I promise this is accurate) a delightful mix of Cards Against Humanity and statistical analysis. Doesn't that sound good? Whaddya mean, "no?" You sure do have a smart alecky way about you. We're going to have to keep our eyes on you, troublemaker.



Yeah! We're going to live play a Reiner Knizia game! That's right, we're following up a party game about statistics with one written by Dr. Knizia, mathematician-at-large: Clickbait. Have you seen the ads? Do you think it's nice? Better work hard, we've seen the price.


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