Push Your Luck Podcast: Push Your Luck Ep 17: GENCON Day 1

Eric talks about his Day 1 meeting various publishers and attending panels. Highlights include interviews with Zee Garcia from Dicetower, Queen games, Privateer Press, Wizkids and Playdek. Eric also reviews Mascarade and Spyrium. Follow Eric on twitter 'duckizz' so that you can enjoy the videos and pictures of GENCON 2013 Leave us comments and questions at our guild on BGG and rate us on iTunes. Do visit our website www.pushurluckpodcast.com where we will have reviews, session reports and other nifty items!

All the way from sunny Singapore, this is Push Your Luck Podcast, hosted by Eric and Jonathan. Every fortnight, we will have a different topic and invite designers, publishers or even other podcasters to join us in our lively discussions.

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