Push Your Luck Podcast: Push Your Luck Ep 51: Top 7 games we want to live in

Eric and Jon discusses Top 7 games whose world they want to be part of, a character in, or live in! Very interesting contrasts between what Eric wants and what Jon strives for. Maybe some psychologist out there can analyze if there are some issues? lol... Push Your Luck Podcast is an EAGER member of The DiceTower Network. Do check out other wonderful podcasts in the network. We are also proudly sponsored by Hobbygamesmart. Do visit the website for all your board gaming needs and let them know Push Your Luck sent you! VISIT our website www.pushurluckpodcast.com for other random blabbering and video reviews - VISIT NOW!

All the way from sunny Singapore, this is Push Your Luck Podcast, hosted by Eric and Jonathan. Every fortnight, we will have a different topic and invite designers, publishers or even other podcasters to join us in our lively discussions.

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