Rolling Dice & Taking Names: Episode 30: Crystal Ball

Talk about starting off the new year with a bang, I got to make a youtube video for my company and Marty was kind enough to tweet it on our @DiceAndNames account. So, for those of you watching the polar bear baby walk for the first and not me talking about the polar vortex, now is your chance to view. Got to the bottom of this posting and click on play if you want to see someone not use a green screen correctly. Long episode for us, lots to discuss on the game play over the Holidays. We revisit Frances Drake, but only briefly, we promise. Be sure to check out the RDTN BGG forum for Jan/Feb At the Table question. *One clarification, during the recording, Marty and I associated Mansions with Richard and the game was actually designed by Corey Konieczka. Sorry about that Corey.