Rolling Dice & Taking Names: RDTN Episode 208: Nevada City, Yedo Deluxe, Crypt Hunters, Tournament at Avalon, Mercado de Lisboa, Meeple Towers

00:30 Intro10:30 Patchwork Americana14:00 7 Wonders Revamp19:00 Darkfield Radio23:48 Meeple Towers29:00 Tournament at Avalon35:39 Switch Discussion42:05 Portal Games44:58 Nevada City1:00:30 Miniature Market1:01:45 Crypt Hunters1:17:15 Mercado de Lisboa1:27:10 Yedo Deluxe1:38:00 Outro1:42:30 […]

Rolling Dice & Taking Names is a podcast where two seasoned tabletop gamers have discussions about board games, RPGs, and miniatures that are entertaining and informative to casual gamers and experienced hobbyists alike.

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