Rolling Dice & Taking Names: RDTN Episode 61 – Rock Me Amadeus: Deus and Pandemic – The Cure Reviewed, Imperial Settlers Family Thoughts, and Kickstarters

Has it already been two weeks since our last show? Man, time is moving quickly and spring is upon us, or at least in the Charlotte area. So, time to get outside, do some weeding, pruning, and get the gardens ready for planting. But before we do, Marty and I got the chance to play Deus and for me, I really enjoyed it. Do yourself a favor and find someone who has the game and give it a play. It is a nice mix of various mechanics from other games, but it doesn't feel like they were forced together at all. I get to talk about Pandemic: The Cure and if I think it is more than Just a Game as stated by Rhi on a previous episode. Marty tells us what the family thinks of Imperial Settlers and if you missed his tweet on trying to read the cards, reposting image here..

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