Rolling Dice & Taking Names: RDTN Episode 87: Castle Walls – B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss, Titan Race, iOS Patchwork, and Ascension Dreamscape

It always amazes me on how things repeat themselves, time and time again. Fifteen years have passed since Marty and I got into CCGs and now, Marty's son is getting into Magic. Because of this, Marty is reliving the excitement of opening new packs, trading cards and even sharing in the joint venture of buying a full booster box through his son. And then the anniversary of Pokemon is upon us, talk about a rehash from the past. This makes me want to pull out my daughter's Pokemon cards and give them a try and see how the game fairs after all these years. Like I said, it is funny how things tend to come back around. More importantly, we also got to sit down and play a few games recently and wanted to share our thoughts on them. The first is B-Sieged by CMON. This is one of those games that will smash in the face, ask if you are okay, and then do it again. This game reminds us of many scenes from the Lord of the Ring movies. Now we know how the armies felt at Helm's Deep or on the other side with the Orcs trying to assault Minas Tirith. Either way, it looks like a never ending battle with little hope. Titan Race is a very light game that also fell under our critique. It is a fun family game if the family enjoys doing a little take during their gaming time. But if you think about it, many family mass market games have a take that type of mechanic in them, so this game should not be an issue for anyone if they have played Sorry, Trouble, or Aggravation. Either way, Titan Race is one of those games that there is more strategy laying in the underlying game than you realize. As we mentioned in the show, there is a joint contest going on between many podcasts to get your hands on a shiny insert. If you haven't entered yet, please head over to here.