The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 171: Cerebria The Inside World, Yokohama and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Chris is back from his trip the UK and talks about his games he played with our English Cabalists. Then we feature the newest Mind Clash game, Cerebria The Inside World. Then we take a look back at Yokohama from TMG one year later. After Tony T gives us the greatest news segment in all of board gaming, the gang hosts another short topic extravaganza in which we talk about our shelf of shame and getting better at board games. TIME STAMPS - Games Played: 7:08, Games of Yesteryear: 37:29, Cerebria Overview: 53:40, Cerebria Review: 58:30, Lookback of Yokohama: 1:30:37, The News with Tony T: 1:39:00, Short Topic Extravaganza: 2:18:50