The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 173: Auztralia, Aristeia and a Short Topic Extravaganza

Happy Holidays Cabalists, It's our Christmas Extravaganza! Today the gang celebrates the holidays by reviewing Martin Wallace's newest game Auztralia from Stronghold Games and looking back at the arena combat sports game from Corvus Belli, Aristeia. Tony T spins up the news feeds to out together the best damn news segment in all of tabletop gaming. Then the Founders give you another short topic extravaganza with topics including Stretch Goals, liking games you guy vs ones you didn't buy, starter miniatures games and our favorite comic book series. And sprinkled throughout the episode we give you a ton of holiday songs written by the Cabalists and sung by the Founders.Games Played 00:15:17, Games of Yesteryear 00:43:30, Playin Games While Sittin On The Can 01:02:00, Auztralia Overview 01:03:55, Auztralia Review 01:08:40, Aristeia Look Back 01:40:20, The Founder's 12 Days of, Christmas 01:46:35, Founder's Update 01:50:18, News with Tony T 01:52:05, Analysis Paralysis Christmas 02:39:55, Short Topic Extravaganza 02:40:40, Secret Santa 03:20:55