The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 174: Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, Defenders of the Realm and our Favorites of 2018 and upcoming in 2019

It's a new year and the Founders are back to give a year chocked full of gaming nonsense! Today we give you an overview and review of Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time and a look back at Defenders of the Realm one year later. Then Tony T goes bananas with his news segment while the peanut gallery quacks in the background. Then finally the gang talks about their favorite games released in 2018, their favorite game they reviewed in 2018 and finally talks about their most anticipated games coming in 2019. Games Played 00:01:21, Games of Yesteryear 00:31:40, Professor Evil Overview 00:41:20, Professor Evil Review 00:44:52, Defenders of the Realm Look Back 01:01:53, Founder's Update 01:04:17, News with Tony T 01:09:10, Discussion Topic 01:59:20