The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 180: Wingspan, The Pursuit of Happiness and Our Favorite Game Designers

Hey Now Cabalists! Today is the big day, our 2019 Kickstarter is live! First, stop the podcast, jump over to Kickstarter and support the Cabal for another year of podcasts and video goodies. Now that you did that, press play again. Today the gang talks about Wingspan and how crazy expensive this game is right now. Then after we go though a bunch of the games we've been playing we take a deep dive look at Wingspan and look back at The Pursuit of Happiness one year later. Tony T picks all the best news stories and presents them to you as the rest of the Founders chirp in the background. Then finally the guys talk about each of their favorite game designers, why they like them and some of their favorite games by the designer. Wingspan Overview 01:01:26, Wingspan Review 01:06:05, The Pursuit of Happiness Look Back 01:27:45, News with Tony T 01:33:38, Our Favorite Game Designers 02:26:37