The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 182: Star Wars Outer Rim, Thanos Rising and That Junkie Feeling We Feel

You have 3 more days to get in on our 2019 Kickstarter to help the Cabal continue for another year! Jump over the Kickstarter now to support! First off we talk about the Great Chicken Wing Scandal, cow manure interrupting a game day and the $160 miniature presentation. Then we give a feature review of Fantasy Flights newest game, Star Wars Outer Rim and look back at Thanos Rising one year later. After Tony T blasts the tabletop gaming news all over us, we get down and dirty with That Junkie Feeling We Feel including why we love games, what makes us back Kickstarters, collectible card games, miniatures games, and all sorts of wacky junkie rituals we do. Star Wars Outer Rim Overview 01:02:37, Star Wars Outer Rim Review 01:07:35, Thanos Rising Look Back 01:32:35, News with Tony T 01:41:02, That Junkie Feeling We Feel 02:26:21