The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 186: Pipeline, Dinosaur Island, A Feast for Odin and The Cabalists Court with Judge Topper

The Founders are back in full force with a new episode of The Secret Cabal! Today the Chris, Jamie and Don take a look at Capstone Games' new economic euro, Pipeline. Then the gang gives you a double feature look back of Dinosaur Island and A Feast for Odin one year later. The latter half of the show is Tony T solid with his wildly popular tabletop gaming news segment and then Tony puts on his robes and breaks out his gavel see justice done in the Cabalist's Court where we hear the complains, argue the points and Tony T passes judgment. Pipeline Overview 01:01:00, Pipeline Review 01:5:27, Dinosaur Island 01:33:36, A Feast for Odin 01:42:06, A Message from Chris and Jamie 01:45:38, News with Tony T 01:58:44, The Cabalist's Court 02:37:55