The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 194: Coloma and Game Terms, Buzzwords and The Way We Talk About Games

In episode 194, The gang starts out by discussing Jamie's new hobby of Resin 3D printing and jump into a bunch of games we've been playing including Clank! Legacy Acquisition Incorporated, Crown of Emara, Deep Blue, Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, Ecos: The First Continent and Awkward Guests and a few games of yesteryear including Ethnos and Pursuit of Happiness. Then Don and Jamie give a feature review of the newest game from Jonny Pac Cantin, Coloma! Then Tony T throws out a full rundown of the most important tabletop gaming news of the day while the peanut gallery quacks in the background. Then finally the Founders discuss Game Terms, buzzwords and other nonsensical ways that we all talk about the games we play. Coloma Overview 01:16:10, Coloma Review 01:20:23, News with Tony T 01:52:06, Game Terms and Buzzwords Discussion 02:44:15