The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 196: Cthulhu Death May Die, Cerebria and Loss Aversion in Board Games

Hey Now Cabalists! In episode 196 the gang starts out by discussing Chris' brand new hair color and Jamie's time at BGGcon in Dallas Texas. Then the Founders get busying reviewing Cthulhu Death May Die designed by Rob Daviau and Eric Lang and published by CMON and look back at Arkham Horror 3rd Edition, Blood Bowl and Cerebria. Then, since Tony T is traveling for Thanksgiving, Steve takes over the news duties while the rest of us goof around in the background. Then finally we discuss the concept of Loss Aversion in board gaming. Cthulhu Death May Die Overview 01:00:42, Cthulhu Death May Die Review 01:05:09, Cerebria, Blood Bowl and Arkham Horror Looks Backs 01:28:45, News with Tony T 01:38:40, Loss Aversion in Board Games 02:23:47