The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 203: Underwater City and Win Loss Attribution

Hey Now Cabalists! Today we open but announcing the date of our next Kickstarter which will be May 1st, 2020. Then we jump into talking about a bunch of games we've been playing including On Mars, CO2: Second Chance, Feudum, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Fast Sloths, Bruges and Terror in Meeple City. Then we jump into a feature review of Underwater City designed by Vladimír Suchý and published by Rio Grande Games. Then after Tony T gives us his wild and crazy News segment, we discuss Win/Loss Attribution in board gaming. Underwater City Overview 01:14:39, Underwater City Review 01:18:49, News with Tony T 01:42:53, Win/Loss Attribution Discussion 02:31:08