The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 204: Viticulture, Vindication, Shadows of Brimstone, Wendake and Living without a Game Group

The Founders are sheltered in place, but the Secret Cabal will go on! Today we talk about some awesome games including Everdell Pearlbrook, Doctor Who Time of the Daleks, Europe Divided, Arkham Noir, Funkoverse, Monumental and Chronicles of Crime: Noir. Then we give you a feature review of Viticulture Essentials Edition from Stonemaier Games and look back at Vindication, Shadows of Brimstone and Wendake. Then after Tony T enlightens you with all the most important news items from around the board gaming world, we host a discussion about how to continue gaming even though you're stuck in your house during quarantine. Viticulture Overview 00:57:41, Viticulture Review 01:00:43, Vindication Look Back 01:29:25, Shadows of Brimstone Look Back 01:33:25, Wendake Look Back 01:39:11, News with Tony T 01:44:29, Living without a Game Group 02:29:09