The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 206: Star Trek Ascendency and The Founders Feud with Rodney Smith

The Secret Cabal's 2020 Fundraiser is live on Kickstarter right now! Jump over to Kickstarter and search The Secret Cabal 2020 now! In other news, today the founder's welcome Rodney Smith of Watch It Played to talk about some board games including Labyrinth Adventures, Evolution, Oceans, Cloudspire, Codenames, The Grizzled Armistice and Lasers and Feelings! Then Don, Jamie and Aaron give you a feature review of Star Trek Ascendency and a look back at Kingsport Festival. Then after Tony T runs down the most important news in all of the tabletop gaming world, Rodney joins the Founders for the 4th installment of their world famous game show, The Founder's Feud! Star Trek Ascendency Overview 01:02:28, Star Trek Ascendency Review 01:08:30, Kingsport Festival Look Back 01:32:48, News with Tony T 01:36:29, The Founder's Feud 02:15:19