The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 214: Ride the Rails, Era The Medieval Age and A Short Topic Extravaganza

Alrighty Cabalists, Wednesday is back and it's time for some wild Cabal action! today we start out with a review of the documentary film called World of Darkness about White Wolf Games and then jump into some games we're playing including: Expedition to Newdale, Modern Art The Card Game, Unspeakable Words, The Voyages of Marco Polo, Mysterium, and Five Tribes. Then we dive into a feature review of Capstone Game's Ride the Rails and a lookback at Era The Medieval Age from Eggertspiele. Tony T goes bananas with the best damn tabletop gaming news segment ever put to MP3. And finally, the gang tackles from questions from listeners including: do you attack the guy can screw you out of winning? Do you get agitated when stuff you like becomes popular? and unique game recommendations? Ride the Rails Overview 01:01:21, Ride the Rails Review 01:05:25, Lookback of Era The Medieval Age 01:36:31, News with Tony T 01:40:36, A Short Topic Extravaganza 02:36:29