The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 226: Grand Austria Hotel, Chronicle of Crime and Managing a Game Collection

Hey Now Cabalists! In episode 226 the Founders begin by talking about Chris' Shelf Disaster Watch 2021 and the pool started by the Board Game Geek Cabalists and then jump into some games they've been playing including Hallertau with a surprise visit from Judge Topper, Favor of the Pharaoh, Trekking The World, H. H. Holmes Murder Castle, Fake Artist Goes to New York and Charterstone Campaign Update from Tony. Then Don and Jamie dive into a feature review of Grand Austria Hotel from Lookout Games and a look back at Chronicle of Crime from Lucky Duck Games. Tony T is back on the scene with another groundbreaking tabletop gaming news segment while the rest of the guys chatter in the background. And Finally the Founders discuss managing a game collection and culling games from said collection. Grand Austria Hotel Overview 01:03:11, Grand Austria Hotel Review 01:07:51, Chronicle of Crime Look Back 01:31:50, News with Tony T 01:38:38, Managing a Game Collection 02:20:08