The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast: Episode 238: Descent Legends of the Dark and Does Size Matter

Oh Yeah! Tony and Chris are back in action in episode 238 of The Secret Cabal! Today we start off by hearing a little about Tony's journey across the country and then dive into the games we've been playing over the past 2 weeks including The Shores of Tripoli, Vanuatu, Dark Domains, Meadow, Karuba, Steve's mobile escape rooms experience, and Coyote. Then Don and Jamie dive into an in-depth review of Descent Legends of the Dark from Fantasy Flight Games. Tony T takes back the reigns of the news segment and gives us a tour of all the stuff going on around the industry. Then finally the gang discusses whether size matters in board gaming - box size, card size, table presence, etc. Descent Legends of the Dark Overview 01:04:57, Descent Legends of the Dark Review 01:09:34, News with Tony T S 01:47:47, Does Size Matter 02:38:35